Each painting is a journey in itself; it is fascinating, addictive and uncompromising. It pulls together perception, experience and emotion, and to paint is to enter a unique place where these human qualities meet and merge.

My absolute priority is to nurture a visual expression that is authentic. Each painting holds its’ own clues, dialogues and mysteries and I paint in order to connect with what is there and what is emerging. It is a delicate and fragile balance. How a painting unfolds mirrors the multitude of challenges that confront me as I navigate this unmapped path. The act of adding, removing, overlaying, scribbling, obliterating, layer upon layer is the visual toolbox with which I am able to be active in this building process.

I use many techniques taken from painting, drawing and mono-printing. I don’t really separate techniques into categories as I paint, but spontaneously take what is needed in order to respond to what is occurring on the surface. Line in its’ many forms and mediums is a vital element in my work. It reactivates the energy of the paint and the paint comes back again to meet the line. Each responds to the other and this is where the visual dialogue is for me the most vibrant.